Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Work in Progress!

This is definitely a work in progress - I haven't got a clue what I'm doing but I will get there!  I'm sure this blogging lark must be simple lol.

The purpose of starting this blog is really for personal use only.  I feel a need to record which walks I've done and which walks I'd like to do in the future.

My main aim is to complete several long distance/multi-day walks and I'm currently in the 'training' stage of this plan.  I need to get fit enough to be able to complete the LDPs and am enjoying exploring new areas and setting myself new challenges.  Most of all, I am enjoying getting out and about in the great British countryside and being grateful for the fact that I am not personally challenged in any physical way.  (Other than the fact that I consume an unhealthy diet, I probably drink too much alcohol and I smoke!!!)  Hmmm...all of those personal challenges need to be addressed and the sooner the better :-)

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