Monday, 5 September 2011

A Circuit of the Loweswater Fells

Date:                       Thursday, 1st September 2011
Start/Finish:             Parking Space, Loweswater
Distance:                 10 miles, 910m ascent
Time Taken:             10.5 hours
Companion(s):          Mick

Yesterday saw Mick and I venturing over to the Lakes again with the plan of reaching Loweswater in good time to set out on our planned circuit of the Loweswater Fells and complete the route before dark.  Neither of us having ventured into this area of the Lakes before, we relied on TomTom for our driving route, and hoped that the weather was set fair for the day so that we would get some good views which would allow us to suss out the area and scout about for other possibilities for suitable walk routes.  We were not to be disappointed J

We parked by the public telephone box in Loweswater and were ready to start out on our walk at about 8.30am.  The weather was warm and dry but, as usual, the views for most of the day were hindered by a haze which means that my photographs really don’t do the scenery justice.  Unfortunately, you had to be there to be able to appreciate it all.

Anyway, our route plan started with a stepping-stone crossing of Mosedale Beck (which I really wish I’d taken a video of as it was most amusing J!) before we began to ascend to Little Dodd and then continue on to a rather steep climb to the summit of Hen Comb.

The views from the top of Hen Comb were amazing.

Having rewarded Mick for his efforts on the steep ascent with a break for a cream cake, we were ready to tackle the descent and the long, boggy, long, energy-draining crossing, following the line of the fence, over Whiteoak Moss.

From here, we turned right to follow the fence down and up again to reach the summit of Gavel Fell, crossing over the fence with no stiles or gates once or twice on the way.  (More amusing video opportunities missed ! J)

We continued on our way, with more stile-less fence crossings J, to the summit of Blake Fell, this highest point on today’s walk.

Then we descended slightly, to the summit of Burnbank Fell.

The descent from Burnbank Fell was a bit of an adventure for us but, we made it down to the Holme Wood terrace path (somehow) without incident or injury and it was at this point that oranges somehow entered the conversation – I think the stress of the descent had somehow triggered some sort of chemical reaction in Mick’s brain which left me dumbfounded (but highly amused J)!?!

Anyway, by now we were on the last leg (haha?!) of our route and simply had to follow the terrace path to pick up the path leading us through High Nook Farm.  Although there were ‘Beware of the Bull’ signs en-route, fortunately, we didn’t get chased by one J

We finished the day off with a quick, refreshing pint sat outside the Kirkstile Inn and finally made it back to the car at about 8pm – just before dark!

An absolutely brilliant day, thoroughly enjoyed by us both J  Thanks again Mick J

[TR Subtitle for Mick–Getting Your Leg Over and Where Did Oranges Come Into It?!?!)

Route:  Approx 10 miles with 910m ascent

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