Sunday, 29 January 2012

At Last.....Walking Partners Reunited!!

Date:                   Friday, 20th January 2012
Start/Finsh:         Shillmoor, Cheviots
Distance:             9.3 miles
Time Taken:        5.5 hours (approx)
Companion(s):     Mick

Route Map:

Today was a day which has been long awaited!  In September, Mick was injured out of walking activity and I was left feeling as though my new found world had come to an end.  Of course, that wasn't the case at all and, although I couldn't walk with my No 1 walking partner, I did manage to keep myself active with walking until 10th December 2011 thanks to my WF mates (big thumbs up and big thank yous to all of you!!!)

Anyway, following the required period of rest and relaxation for his ankle to recover, and then a period of learning to walk again with his new arty leg, Mick finally declared himself walk fit and a date was set for our first walk together since my birthday in September!  You have no idea how much I was looking forward to this day :-)

Due to the fact that it is still winter, the days are still short and, Mick is still working his way back to full fitness, we decided it was best to stay local for our first walk and, therefore, we agreed to head for the Cheviots....route decision to be made on the day, depending on weather conditions but, sticking to about 8 miles. I think it fair to say that we got more than we bargained for weather-wise but, we managed the route and the scenery was absolutely stunning. The route also turned out to be about 9.3 miles......not 8 (well planned Mick!) - no wonder you were tired on the last stretch!!!

We parked the car at Shillmoor and proceeded to slip and slide our way around on the sheet ice whilst getting geared up and ready for the off.

The track along the valley proved to be hard work too. Sheet ice is not easy to walk on without spikes!

However, we managed the track without incident or injury and our route continued to follow Usway Burn as we headed towards Fairhaugh.

.....and the terrain did get easier....

Passing a little gem on the way....

We stopped for lunch at Mick a chance to show off his new Jetboil.  Hot coffee was a real treat though, especially as it now started to snow! 

Refreshment break over, we headed through a section of Kidlandlee Forest....the photos don't do it justice but the scenery on this section was simply stunning IMHO....

Emerging from the forest, the views open out again.....

...and we head towards Saughy Hill, taking in the views on the way.....

We stopped for another Jetboil chocolate and lemon drizzle cake  ....  and then set out for Copper Snout and the final stretch of today's route....

All too soon, the walk was over and we had to head for home but, suffice to say........another brilliant walk, in excellent company and a perfect start to our walking partnership for 2012 O0 

Thanks for everything Mick :) O0 O0


  1. Great pics Yvonne and I'm so glad you and Mick are out walking again, I know how much it means to you.
    Rich x

  2. Good stuff, Yvonne. Missed your reports - and great to see Mick is out and about again. An all-round success, I'd say.