Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Post Walk Events - Saturday, 9th July 2011

Arrangements had been made for us all to meet-up this evening at The Lion in Settle for a few drinks and a bite to eat so, after the usual wash and brush up at the B&B I was ready for the off again.

Flowerpot had very kindly offered to give Strider and I a lift into Settle (thanks again Flowerpot - the lift was much appreciated and I'll return the favour next time) and at 7.15pm I was collected and we headed out to find Strider at his campsite.  After a few dodgy moments where we couldn't work out if we were in the right place or not, or had somehow passed him on the way in, we got our act together and all headed into Settle to join the others.

A very pleasant evening ensued.  Drinks and food were enjoyed and the coversation and banter was entertaining.  Two more Forumites who were to partake in the walking tomorrow, joined us this evening - gotmeheadshaved and Sunnysky.  And a special 'hat's off' to amnesiacjimmy who made a return journey from Leeds just to join in the fun this evening, to then return again the next morning to join us for the walk :-)

Flowerpot had returned to Clapham earlier in the evening having had a very long day (setting off from Kent at about 4am to get to the start point of today's walk in time) and was therefore much in need of a good night's sleep to be ready for tomorrows walking.  So, again I am indebted to someone, and have to thank Slips and Trips for driving Strider and I back to our accommodation in Clapham.  I promise to return the favour at the first opportunity!

Needless to say, all of the panic and nerves and insecurities had proved to be unnecessary.  I had made it through the day unscathed and had, actually, thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Not being used to socialising other than at work means that I now find group situations quite difficult but everyone was so welcoming and friendly I almost forgot that I'd never met them before and I couldn't wait to get out walking agin the next day :-)

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